Missouri State Alzheimer’s Plan Overview 

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In 2009, the Missouri General Assembly established the Missouri Alzheimers State Plan Task Force through passage of HB 272. Responsible for assessing the challenges posed by Alzheimers disease within the state, the Task Force included representatives from state agencies, health care providers, and community organizations as well as caregivers, state legislators, an individual living with Alzheimers, and the lieutenant governor. After collecting public input regarding community frustrations, concerns, and advice on dealing with this disease, the Task Force presented the Missouri Alzheimers State Plan, published in November 2010.

Over the course of 2022, the Task Force convened and released an updated Alzheimer’s State Plan Task Force Report and Recommendations. After collecting public input from eight community forums, the Task Force identified four focus areas with strategies for the state to address the growing crisis of Alzheimer’s and other dementia. The State Plan includes recommendations for advancing risk reduction, early detection, and timely diagnosis; increasing access to care, support, and treatment; improving quality of care; and ensuring a coordinated statewide response.

Missouri 2023 Policy Priorities

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Increase Funding for Alzheimer’s Respite Grants 

Over 194,000 Missouri residents are caregivers to the 120,000 loved ones living with Alzheimer’s. While caring for their loved one, caregivers often face their own physical and mental issues; 64% of caregivers in the state have their own chronic health conditions. Respite care provides a much-needed break for family caregivers, though it is not always available or affordable. While the number of individuals with Alzheimer’s continues to rise in the state, funding for respite care has remained stagnant. The Alzheimer’s Association is calling on state lawmakers to appropriate an additional $550,000 for Alzheimer’s respite in Missouri to ensure family caregivers receive the support they need.

Care Planning

Establish a Dementia Coordinator Position 

Numerous agencies in Missouri administer a variety of programs that are critical to people with dementia and their families. These agencies are working separately from each other, and the lack of coordination is hindering the ability of Missouri to evaluate the effectiveness of policy efforts that serve those living with dementia. The Alzheimer’s Association is calling on state policymakers to establish a full-time state agency position, commonly referred to as the Dementia Coordinator, to coordinate the state’s response to dementia. This position will assess the implementation of the State Alzheimer’s Plan and current needs of the state, identify gaps in services and programs, and recommend strategies and policies to better serve Missourians living with dementia.


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Missourians are providing unpaid care

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