Oklahoma State Alzheimer’s Plan Overview 


In May 2008, the Task Force on the Effect of Alzheimer’s Disease was established pursuant to Senate Bill 2186. Tasked with examining the impact of Alzheimer’s disease and forming a plan of action within the state, the Task Force included representatives from the private sector, community organizations, and state agencies as well as caregivers, state legislators, and individuals living with Alzheimer's. In September 2009, the Final Report of the Task Force on the Effect of Alzheimer’s Disease in Oklahoma was published. In 2015, Governor Mary Fallin issued Executive Order 2015-32 to authorize an update to the state plan. The Oklahoma Alzheimer’s State Plan 2016 was published in February 2016.

Oklahoma 2023 Policy Priorities

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Establish a Dementia Coordinator Position 

Numerous state agencies in Oklahoma administer a variety of programs that are critical to people with dementia and their families, including Medicaid, adult protective services, and health professional and facility licensure. However, these efforts are often siloed, with multiple state agencies working separately from one another hindering the ability of Oklahoma to evaluate the effectiveness of policy efforts and ensure proper implementation of the State Alzheimer’s Plan. In an effort to ensure coordinated services throughout the state, the Alzheimer’s Association is advocating for the establishment of a Dementia Coordinator position within the State Health Department. The Dementia Coordinator will serve as a liaison between state agencies, the governor, the legislature, and private stakeholders to ensure the state has an effective approach toward addressing the growing rate of Oklahomans with dementia.

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people living with Alzheimer’s in Oklahoma


Oklahomans are providing unpaid care

$516 Million

Medicaid cost of caring for people living with Alzheimer’s (2020)

244 Million

increase in Alzheimer’s deaths since 2000


in hospice with a primary diagnosis of dementia


increase of geriatricians in Oklahoma needed to meet the demand in 2050